Cycling Studio – Ready to Go!

The cycling studio is ready to go! I’ve been working hard getting everything in place to launch the first spin sessions starting on Sept 24th. It’s really exciting to have such a great space as a centre for all of my operations beginning this fall. With 1200 sq ft of space, there’s plenty of room for lots of athletes to train together and enjoy some good, solid workouts.

The studio is conveniently located right next to Jericho Park making it a great spot for some awesome transition run workouts for the triathletes in the group.

This will also be a perfect base for some great training camps and clinics throughout the year. With Jericho Beach only a short walk away it will be great staging point for open water swimming during the warmer months.

The photo below shows the main spin room (only half of the studio space) where 18 trainers can fit comfortably, 7 more trainers can fit right behind this with a full view of the main room with the projector.

Please note that this website is still under construction, there a few things that will need to be fixed. Expect some changes and things to be tidied up soon!

If you’re interested in joining the fall spin sessions or simply finding out more information about the indoor cycling groups then please click HERE.

Studio Shrink