Coach Powell Testimonials


“Andrew was truly interested in my personal improvement as an athlete. His constant attention to my training and his continuous feedback were the keys to improvement. In just six months, he brought me from scratch on the bike to completing two half ironman races.”

— Leandro Piazza, Scientist, BEST Theratronics


“The structure of the training and Andrew’s explanations of what we were trying to achieve made it much easier to understand the big picture. I learned about the different systems in the body and why it’s important to train them all—easy workouts are there for a really good reason. For the first time ever, I was training in the heart rate zones, with a plan and a purpose for each workout . . . Andrew provides the perfect amount of support. You never have doubts about how much he believes in you and your abilities. His constant positivity convinces you that you can achieve whatever you set out to do.”

— Andrew Gunn, Product Development Manager, Cobbs Bread


“Andrew is easy to talk to and very personable and social—essential characteristics for a triathlon coach.”

— Alistair Russell, Manager, Structural Performance and Engineering Systems, at CCANZ