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KOM Segment Coaching

Go harder. Go higher… and make it look EASY.

Races are fun, but there are other ways to challenge yourself and push your limits. With KOM segment coaching, Coach Powell will help you reach above and beyond what you thought possible.

Chasing Strava KOMs is fun and rewarding! Whether you have a friendly competition with your riding group, want to achieve a personal best or go for the top spot, the thrill of each effort is exhilarating.

Let’s talk!

Your goals. Your workouts.

  • Specific training methodologies and power testing protocols
  • Elaborate planning and regular communication
  • Segments carefully analysed
  • Workouts that target the right energy systems
  • Data analysis of each effort
  • Custom tailored program to your specific needs

Be prepared for every attempt.

Coach Powell will make sure that you are ready when you go on the hunt.

To be in this program, you will need a power meter and a will of steel. No sugar coating here, it will not be easy. There will be a lot of suffering. You will need determination and a willingness to go into the red zone… and then keep going!

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Power Duration Profile
WKO Power Duration Comparison Graph - Coach Powell
Power Duration Comparison

A leader by example.

Coach Powell has some experience and is passionate about chasing KOMs. Check him out on Strava!