Online Coaching

Take your training to the next level with online coaching! Coach Powell has the experience and creds to take you to new athletic heights!

Why hire a certified, dedicated, online endurance coach like Andrew Powell? Here are just some of the things he’ll do for you


  • Create a fully customized and personalized training program.
  • Keep you on top with up-to-date analysis of your training data.
  • Give you ongoing, constructive feedback to help you motivate yourself and gain the skills you need.


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What to expect from Coach Powell


With a tactical expert like Coach Powell, together you will


  • Set goals and design a program to fit your schedule
  • Create a training diary
  • Set up an interactive online communication gateway where your training and performance data can be downloaded, tracked and analysed
  • Regular weekly communication


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No two athletes are alike


From long experience, Coach Powell knows this better than anyone. It’s for this reason that your online training program will be unique to you.


  • Understand your heart rate training zones.
  • Learn about your power training zones (when applicable).
  • Stay in close contact with Coach Powell during your race, receiving whatever support you need.
  • Receive an evaluation of your race.
  • Together, maximize all your strengths for your next race with online coaching!


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