“Andrew was truly interested in my personal improvement as an athlete. His constant attention to my training and his continuous feedback were the keys to improvement. In just six months, he brought me from scratch on the bike to completing two half ironman races.”

— Leandro Piazza, Scientist, BEST Theratronics

“I’m a 45 year old middle-of-the-pack age group athlete. I have three kids, a full-time job as a healthcare worker and also play Ice Hockey. I’ve worked with Andrew for the last five years, primarily focusing on the sport of triathlon but also training for half Marathon and Marathon distance races as well as Gran Fondos.

What I really appreciate most about Andrew is his holistic approach to coaching. He’s really able to look at the entire person and helps to set realistic goals based on people’s personal and work lives. He understands that work stress and personal stress can also impact an athlete’s ability to reach their goals.

He’s also helped me to work on the mental aspect of sport. We worked on getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Andrew has helped me with the idea of self compassion and really understanding what my capacity is to reach my goals. He’s pushed me hard but in a very gentle way. He’s able to look at not only the numbers, but also connects with his athletes to really understand what motivates them and what other obstacles they might have to overcome to reach their goals.

I would highly recommend anyone who’s looking for a coach to take the time to meet with Andrew and to start the journey with him. I’ve certainly enjoyed the last five years and hope to continue working with him for many years to come.”

– Tova Wolinsky, Healthcare Clinician, Richmond BC
Video Testimonial – Tova Wolinsky

“I started working with Coach Powell in 2016. Andrew has guided me through multiple Half and Full course triathlons and currently, my training for Ironman Canada 2022. Andrew’s coaching platform is science based, he possesses current expert knowledge in all multisport disciplines. Workouts provided by Andrew are always very challenging, yet not overreaching and designed to achieve personal goals.

I have found that Andrew’s program is an integrated approach that provides all the necessary components to compete in multisport at all levels. From individual and group training workouts, nutrition advice, well placed training camps, advice for acquisition of gear and race plans. Andrew is very approachable, conscientious, always happy to share his experience and has an innate sense for supporting his athletes when needed. For example, in providing creative training approaches despite injury.

I highly recommend Coach Powell’s program and expertise to any athlete who is seeking an expert, well balanced program to achieve their multisport goals.”

– Jim Peacock, Research Scientist, M&P UBC
Jim Peacock

“I’m Anne Condon, and I want to share why I’m thrilled to have Andrew Powell as my triathlon coach. I started doing triathlons about ten years ago, when I turned 50. It’s been quite a journey, from learning to swim, doing sprint events, and gradually working up to full Ironman distance.

Andrew has coached me for several years. He’s passionate about triathlon and very experienced. He sets me up each week with a customized plan, ramps things up gradually and builds in recovery time. I appreciate the consistency, and totally trust that he’ll have me ready to be my best for events. He knows I like climbing hills, so gives me fun challenges in the summers, like repeats up Cypress with a suggested power target. I’m Queen of the Mountain on four repeats now :). I’ve become a stronger rider and my endurance keeps improving.

Andrew helps me in tons of other ways too. For example, he gave me great advice when I bought a used tri bike and other equipment. He runs awesome training camps at Whistler and Penticton, and ran some informal events for his athletes during the pandemic. He goes over the courses as well as transition and nutrition strategies.

Andrew has built a wonderful community of athletes who come to the sport with many different backgrounds and goals, and we support each other. Thanks to Andrew, I continue to love the sport and the community, and hope to be still doing triathlons in another ten years.”

– Anne Condon, Professor of Computer Science, University of British Columbia
Anne Condon

“Andrew is easy to talk to and very personable and social—essential characteristics for a triathlon coach.”

— Alistair Russell, Manager, Structural Performance and Engineering Systems, at CCANZ

“I started working with Andrew in September 2013, after my first season of dabbling in triathlon.  I had done a few cycling events, a half marathon and recently two Olympic distance triathlons.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect signing up, but I had registered for Ironman Canada in 2014 and knew that I needed some help to get there. 

The structure of the training and the explanations of what we were trying to achieve placed a much greater understanding on the big picture.  I learnt what the different systems are in your body and why it’s important to train them all – easy workouts are there for a really good reason.  For the first time I was training in heart rate zones, with a plan and purpose for each workout.  It placed a better emphasis on each session and created smaller goals along the way to help achieve the big goals.  The structure and planning of the workouts not only helped me plan those accordingly, but it also assisted in organising most aspects of my life. 

Within a few months I was already seeing results.  By November, I had taken 9 minutes off my half marathon time.  This has continued to come down ever since, with my current PB set in February 2015 being 30 minutes faster than May 2013.  I completed my first Ironman in July 2014 and am weeks away from my second one. 

Andrew had provided me the guidelines and the structure to become an athlete.  No two workouts are ever the same.  The feedback in both directions has been a key to us developing a very strong athlete/coach relationship with both of us always being comfortable to be completely open and honest with each other.  Andrew provides the perfect amount of support and you never have any doubts about how much he believes in you and your abilities.  His constant positivity makes it impossible to not think that you can achieve whatever it is that you set out to achieve.

Andrew’s willingness and ability to also teach the why’s behind the training helps build the athletic mind to compliment the athletic ability.  This has been a big driving force behind my improvements over the time I have been working with Andrew.  This is the second season I have worked with Andrew and already we have achieved some amazing results including qualification for Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2014, an 11:51 Ironman Canada debut time, 5th place overall at the Delta Sprint Triathlon 2015 and top 10 in my age group at Victoria 70.3 in 2015.”

– Andrew Gunn, Bakery Owner, Cobs Bread
Andrew Gunn

“I started working with Andrew Powell in 2020. It was a unique time when the world was closed and races were being postponed. To work around this, Andrew created personal challenges for me to keep me focused and moving forward toward my long term goal.

Two years without racing was probably the most fantastic learning, transitional, and strengthening time in my life. Andrew was there to support me every step of the way. We built a strong base so that I would be ready once racing resumed.

After twelve race cancellations I finally got to do one race. In that one race I was able to achieve my goal and qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii where I will be racing in 2022. It has been an incredible journey. I look forward to the year ahead and continuing to work with Andrew toward Kona.”

– Lindsay Cole, Registered Massage Therapist, Coast Therapy
Lindsay Cole – Kona Qualifier

“I joined Andrew after 3 years of training on my own for half IMs and shorter distance races, and like many others, I wanted to improve my times. Andrew has since helped me achieve these goals and several more! As an age grouper with a full time job, having Andrew around takes away the stress of fitting workouts into my busy schedule. He’s always quick to adapt the plan around my work-life situation. His indoor and outdoor workouts will push and challenge you, but at the same time they’re so varied that it keeps training fun and engaging, making it easy to stay on track. I look forward to the workouts of the following week. Andrew will always dial you in leading up to a race and make sure you’re in the right mindset. On race days, despite unavoidable nerves, I’m always surprised to see the effects of his training program in action: how well prepared my body is in meeting the demands of the day, or how much I’ve improved since the last race. I’m always confident my goals are within reach and I always have to thank Andrew for that. As a coach, he’s got what it takes to help anyone achieve their goals and bring them to the next level.”

– Jan Julian, Independent Salesforce Consultant, Gray Cloud Software
Jan Julian

“I had two primary goals in mind when reaching out to Andrew for coaching, One was preparing for a three-month cycling vacation to Italy, which included three Italian fondos. The second later in the year was riding the Whistler Gran Fondo Forte.

Andrew helped me prepare for the daunting Italian trip by creating a realistic focused and very personal training plan that kept me riding strong and injury free and ready for each of the challenges. He kept my schedule appropriate for the long haul and also back here in Vancouver he organised specific group rides covering the different segments of the Whistler course.

One of my favorite memories was completing a ride that we still talk about and will forever be my epic ride. It’s a route that Andrew made up covering all of the North Shore from east to west and South to North and we both had a good laugh when I made it through that one.

Although we live in close proximity, due to my work schedule and then being away in Italy, most of my training with him was online. Through a combination of Training Peaks, emails and phone calls, he successfully trained me for all my events.

Andrew was always very committed, realistic and positive as well as supportive. He’s easy to work with because he really cares and listens and ask questions. He genuinely wanted to know how I was doing so that he could help as best as possible. He was my training partner when we were together. Even when remote it didn’t matter, he was always right there for me.

What I like most about Andrew is his positive encouragement. His ability to listen deeply, address my concerns and above all, take as much time as needed to calm my nerves. He once spent 45 minutes on the phone with me talking me through just one ride. We would form a plan and I knew he had an authentic interest in my success. He made me feel like a champion, no matter where I ended up. Thank you, Andrew.”

– Calla Barras, Director, Project Services at sa.global
Calla leading a climb in Italy

Hello my name is Wenda .  I worked for Air Canada and during that time my main fitness focus was on running as I could do that anywhere in the world.

I took up competitive cycling shortly after my retirement at 56 years of age. My first experience was cycling from Vancouver to Seattle fundraising for Cancer research.

That was followed by the Whistler Fondo in 2012 and many other one or two day Fondo‘s and races over the last 10 years.

My motivation and passion was fuelled both by my desire to keep fit but just as important to fundraise for Callanish, a much needed nonprofit Cancer support organization in Vancouver.

My other passion is tennis and through one of my tennis partners who is also a triathlete I was introduced to Andrew about six or seven years ago. I immediately found a place for myself amongst these amazing athletes that participate in his in person indoor and outdoor cycling sessions and now on zoom.

My goal now at 67 is to maintain my fitness level and push myself out of my comfort zone. 

Andrew is a wealth of knowledge, leads by example and makes each session interesting and challenging. His approach to training on the bike is exactly what I need and I look forward to it every week.

– Wenda Van Schaik, Retired, Air Canada
Wenda Van Schaik