Vancouver Outdoor Cycling Workouts

Challenge yourself. Get stronger… and be part of a great community.

Every cyclist knows that there is nothing like riding outdoors! Structured interval workouts improve overall power, speed and hill-climbing ability. Whether you are training for a Gran Fondo, a triathlon or simply riding to stay fit, join us.

If you are confident on your bike and can ride 25km per hour on flat pavement, you’ll have no trouble keeping up during the warm-up.

Connect with other cyclists. Enjoy the fresh air!

How do we do it?

  • A group warm-up at an easy to moderate speed to get the muscles ready – we stay together for this
  • At the planned destination, a workout that each individual can do at their own pace within the allotted time
  • The intervals are generally done on short loops or out-and-back sections of road
  • A different focus each week: hill repeats or threshold/tempo intervals
  • Technical tips and guidance as needed
  • We have fun, work hard and support one another


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Contact Us


From Apr 19th, to Aug 23rd, 2022.

19 weeks total

Registration opens February, 2022. Limited spots available.


Coach Powell Studio located on the West side of Jericho Park.

1515 Discovery Street, Vancouver, BC V6R 4K5

The Vancouver outdoor cycling workouts are generally held in the Jericho/UBC area.

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